Journey of the Ring
Virtual Challenge

The Event has sold out, keep an eye on Facebook for when the next challenge starts!

Take on our latest Virtual challenge and run or walk the 650 mile Journey of the Ring!

This Virtual challenge sees you in New Zealand, visiting the film locations used in the Lord of the Rings movie, starting at Matamata the location of the Shire, you will recreate the ring bearers journey, the challenge sees you heading south across picturesque landscapes towards Wellington, here at Kaitoke Park is the film location where the Fellowship was formed and the location of the last homely house, heading North-West you head to Waitarere Forest , which saw the ring bearer begin the final part of his journey. The route then leads to the magnificent Mount Ngauruhoe and the stunning climax to your 650 mile challenge.

Your journey starts on 1st February 2021, you have until 31st Jan 2022 to complete the 650 mile journey by running or walking virtual runs.

You can join a Virtual Mission Map, that tracks your Journey through New Zealand, the Mission Map can be linked to Strava, Garmin, FitBit and Apple Health to automatically sync your runs/walks. So when you complete a run, you will move virtually along the Mission Map.

The Mission Map allows you to see others on the Mission and in some places get street views/photos of your Virtual location. You can also join our Virtual Facebook group and share and interact with other runners.

Once completed you will receive our Bespoke Journey of the Ring Medal, artwork below.

Entry Fee is £22 which includes use of the Mission Map and fab bespoke medal.

The Event has sold out.

How Virtual Challenges Work

Join the Challenge Map – Please read the below in full.

The Challenge Map is hosted by My Virtual Mission, you will need to create an account with them to use the Mission Map.

A link will be emailed to you when you enter, follow the link and then:

You will be taken to the My Virtual Mission Page, click one of the “Join Mission” links, a pop up will ask you to confirm the request
Now you will need to create an account
You will be asked to say what Time zone and whether you want miles or KM
You request to join the challenge will then be submitted, please only submit this once, don’t panic if you do not get an email welcoming you to the mission straight away, I have to Ok you to join and I do them in batches, but everyone will have their request completed before the mission starts.

Sync your app to My Virtual Mission
Apps that can sync Strava, RunKeeper, FiitBit, Garmin and Apple Health.

If you want to sync your app to automatically upload your runs to the map
1. Click My Account on the My Virtual Mission page
2. Choose My Connections
3. Click the connection you want to create
4. Follow the instructions to create the connection

Any run you do will automatically sync to the Challenge Map and move you along. 

It is Important to create this link before you do any runs, as any runs done before you sync, will not upload!

Join the Facebook group
Join the Winding Paths Virtual Challenge Facebook Group, to chat, share runs and photos of your runs with other challenge participants

Manually Upload your runs
If you are not using one of the above Apps or do not wish to link your app, you will need to upload your own runs
1.Head to the Challenge Page and make sure you are logged in.
2.Under the map you will see the option to “Post a Distance”
3. Enter the activity type, distance, date and make sure the Journey of the Ring box is ticked

4. You can add a photo if you want
5. Click Publish

When you complete your challenge
When you reach the finish of the challenge, you will be asked by My Virtual Mission to click Complete Mission
You will get an email with further details on how to confirm your delivery address for the Medal