Virtual Challenges - How it works!

How Virtual Challenges Work

First enter the challenge of your choice on our website

Join the Challenge Map
1. You will receive an email with various links and details on what to do next
2. Firstly click on the Challenge Page Link in the email
3. You will be taken to the My Virtual Mission Page, click one of the "Join Mission" links, a pop up will ask you to confirm the request
4. Now you will need to create an account
5. You will be asked to say what Timezone and whether you want miles or KM
6. You request to join the challenge will then be submitted, you will get an email when I have confirmed your entry

Sync your app to My Virtual Mission
Apps that can sync Strava, RunKeeper, FiitBit

If you want to sync your app to automatically upload your runs to the map
1. Click My Account on the My Virtual Mission page
2. Choose My Connections
3. Click the connection you want to create
4. Follow the instructions to create the connection

Now when the Challenge starts, any run you do will automatically sync to the Challenge Map and move you along

Join the Facebook group
1. The email will also have a link to the Facebook group for the Virtual Challenge
2. Click the link and request to join the group

Manually Upload your runs
If you are not using one of the above Apps or do not wish to link your app, you will need to upload your own runs
1.Head to the Challenge Page and make sure you are logged in.
2.Under the map you will see the option to "Post a Distance"
3. Enter the activity type, distance, date and make sure the SWCP box is ticked
4. You can add a photo if you want
5. Click Publish

When you complete your challenge
When you reach the finish of the challenge, you will be asked by My Virtual Mission to click Complete Mission
You will get an email with further details on how to confirm your delivery address for the Medal

For any questions please email