Starcross Shuffle
Sunday 3rd October 2021

What distance will you do?

Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k, Ultra

 Join us at Starcross for our latest fun event, a 6 hour challenge event alongside the Exe Estuary!
You have 6 hours to run as many laps as you want, to achieve your chosen distance or even beat your chosen distance!
Each lap is an out and back, which will make for a very social fun event, as you will see your fellow runners on each lap you do. 
Starting at Starcross the picturesque route follows the Exe Estuary alongside the grounds of Powderham Castle, where you may catch sight of the Deer, then it heads along the Exe Estuary Trail past the Turf Lock Hotel, before reaching the aid station at mile 3.30, here you turn around and head back to Starcross, where another aid station will be, then you choose to finish here or do another lap, its up to you!
1 Lap = 10k+
2 laps = Half Marathon
4 laps = Marathon
5 Laps or more– Ultramarathon
If you do 2 or 3 laps it will count towards the 100 Half Marathon Club.
If you do 4 laps or more it will count towards the 100 Marathon Club.
Bespoke Medal for everyone that completes at least 1 lap.
Start Time 9am
Race HQ – Starcross, Exeter, EX6 8PA (closest postcode)
Affiliated Entry £28
Unaffiliated Entry £30
Over 18 only
Entries Open Friday 18th June 2021 at 7pm 
Entries strictly limited to 100 runners!


Race FAQ

1. How long is each lap?
Each lap is 6.6 miles
2. How many laps do I have to do?
You have to run at least 1 lap, after that the choice is yours, stop or run another lap.
3. Can I stop for a rest and then continue?
Yes at the Starcross HQ, but the clock is always ticking, so any rest is included in your total time.
4. What if I am on a lap when the 6 hours finishes at 3pm?
You must start your final lap before 2.30pm, you will be allowed to finish this lap, however all final laps must be finished by 4pm.
This gives you 7 hours in which to complete all your laps.
5. How hilly is each lap?
The route is Devon flat, with the only real climb you will notice over the railway bridge, which is a sloped pathway.
6. What is the surface we are running on?
From Starcross to the Railway Bridge it is all tarmac, then you have a choice, you can either run on the lower tarmac path or take the higher gravel pathway with its views of the river, they run parallel to each other, so you can choose, the tarmac path is wider, whereas the gravel path is narrow, so you may have to stop or slow down for other users.
 7. Are there any water stops / aid stations?
Yes, every 3.3 miles, one is at the turnaround point and the other is at the Race HQ.
They will have water, squash, flat coke and if restrictions allow sweat treats. 
8. Will the event count towards the 100 Marathon Club or the 100 Half Marathon Club?
Yes it will, do 2 or 3 laps for the Half Marathon Club or 4 laps or more for the Marathon Club.
9. I have an entry for the Virtual London Marathon, can I also run this event, will it count towards the Virtual London Marathon?
Yes it will, its a great way of completing the Virtual London event with the support of other runners, you need to run 4 laps.

Entries Open Friday 18th June 2021 at 7pm